The practice of yoga is much mental as any sport.


You see a tricky pose – and think, wow, how did they get that flexible? 

So many athletes tell me, I can’t touch my toes!  But it’s not about touching your toes.  That is not the sole ‘goal.’  Yoga is listening to what your mind says to you as you approach your limits.

The mind can be a HUGE distraction.  That is it’s job – to distract, to identify, and classify and report back – how am I doing?  What’s my score?  The mind is a lot like a stopwatch – always recording and registering numbers and self-worth and evaluations. 

In yoga, 'winning' is understanding yourself – your mind and your body and your breath.  Come to understand how the mind works in autopilot mode.  And then once you come to know this autopilot, asking yourself, is the autopilot working for me or against me?  Are we on the same team?   


Watch your mind.