The Season's End

Right now, the NFL season is nearing the end for many teams. Unless it culminates with a Championship victory, the season's end can be a let down.


The residue of this can linger far into the off-season. You can watch the game films just so many times before each error, each missed opportunity becomes a kind of scar.  All that game footage just salts the wound.

In yoga, this residue is called samskara.

Samskara can be physical residue - a torn this, pulled that, a broken something.  

It can also be mental residue - dropped this, fumbled that, injured ego.  

It's never easy to sweep these things off from the bleachers of the mind.  

The steady practice of yoga can help us see these scars.  

    Seeing allows acceptance.  Acceptance allows us to recover.

And eventually, resurrect.