The Final Score

The final score seldom tells the whole story.  


No score can convey the psycho-emotional-physical trauma of losing.

"Losing the Super Bowl is worse than dying," my dad said after losing the big game. "You have to get up the next morning."

"Success" in yoga is never measured by statistics, standings, records or scores.  

In yoga, we are guided back to a broader picture. 

In realigning a knee that was tweaked in a game – you help realign the body away from the physical turmoil of the game.  

Emotional frustration can be softened by a strong physical yoga session.   

A simple meditation, lying down on your back, and just observing the prana, the breath, can help slow down the heart's relentless race to the past.

 Will the heavily-defeated Denver Broncos continue their yoga practice in the long off-season ahead?  And if they do, what will arise from them in their practice and how can they use this to move forward again?

Our sport allows us to celebrate the full expression of our body and mind in clear united action.

As does yoga.  

But yoga does something else.

Yoga heals.