Super Bowl Practice

The Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks have been practicing yoga and meditation all season long.  Head Coach Pete Carroll made the discipline part of the Seahawks program, beginning last summer during training camp.  Forget the old school regime of summer camp - you know, grueling 2x a day, full-pads practices, with no water breaks.  Coach Pete worked them, for sure, or they wouldn't be where they are now.  But he also tossed in some meditation and yoga.  Some of the guys liked it so much that they now have meditations streaming into their playbook iPads.  

If that's not sweet enough, Pete also had a Live DJ mixing fresh tunes to keep the spirits up during hot summer practices.  

Lucky crew...

Now they're headed to the Super Bowl.

Obviously, something's working with THAT program. 

Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson OMing on the Gridiron 

photo by EPSN Peter Yang