All Roads Lead To...


At least for me, it has.  Not just this Super Bowl week, but pretty much every week, always. 

It's in my DNA.  It's how I was raised.  

Life was a metaphor for football.

Buddha Gridiron.JPG

Any road block along the way, I could point to story on the football field.   

You have to head into work sick, injured, heartbroken?

How about the time Jack Youngblood played in two play-off games and the Super Bowl on a broken leg?

Can't maintain a relationship?

Let me tell you about my dad being fired twice in a six-month stretch.


Brett Favre grieved the sudden death of his father by passing for 399 yards and four touchdowns. 

Whenever I have hit a dark turn in the road,

these stories could ground me and help me move onward.

But now, more and more, in my daily yoga practice,

I am finding that most roads lead to Om...

When you're pushing through the 26th mile in the sideways-blowing rain...

     When you stand at the baseline to serve, ad out, 5-4, 40-30 in the third set of a tough two out of three set match...

When the bases are loaded, two outs, full count, down by one at the bottom of the ninth, and it's YOU you stepping up to the plate to bat...

What gives you clarity, grace and strength?

Whatever grounds you,

Whatever guides you fearlessly forward,   

Reach for it.

Drink it.