Yoga's for Girls

Boy, have we heard that before.

There's all sorts of excuses to not do yoga.

The Seattle Seahawks do it. That's another excuse.  For some.

After the last post, a number of _PRACTICE readers commented that they found it ironic that the feisty Seahawks were practicing something as mindful as yoga.  

Nothing like competition to confuse the point here.

So, after some research, we learned that Seattle's Super Bowl opponent, the more soft-spoken Denver Broncos, ARE indeed practicing yoga too.

They're just not sharing it with ESPN.  

But rather whispering it to a local news station.

Here's Broncos' Offensive Lineman Jeff Byers refuting the notion that yoga will soften your game.

“I don’t think anything that involves stretching and balancing and things like that could hurt on the football field because that’s what football is, right?  The more flexible you are, the better.  If you can be more balanced, you're probably going to play better.”  

Still think yoga is something only girls (and Seahawks) do?  

I'd think twice before telling that to Chris.

                                                                                The Byers' stare down.   

                                                                                The Byers' stare down.   

Namaste, Bronco.