Game Changer

Like these anonymous handprints on the walls of Tulum,

game changers can leave their mark in many ways.  



Their impact will affect their teammates, and even the game itself, for years to come.

Sometimes, it's the records they break.  

Or the style of their play.  

Or even, more subtly, their character. 

Next time you lace up your cleats, wax your board,

or even just step onto your mat, you might consider this:

how will your actions today affect those around you?

Not in the centuries to come.

Just today.

What mark will you leave?

How can you elevate your play to honor the sport you love?

And can you do it without a need for credit?


Without need of applause?  

Without a name on the back of your jersey?  

Without posting an announcement of your feat?

Now that would be a true game changer.