When Things Don't Line Up

Some times, things don't quite line up. 

Maybe it's only the pinstripes in your jersey, cutting through your name.  

Maybe it's something larger. Like your relationship.  

Or even your entire life, not lining up to what you thought it would be.

Maybe it's your story line.

Say, you're A-Rod whose jersey is pictured here.

                                                                                                                                                                   photo by j-allen

                                                                                                                                                                   photo by j-allen

You didn't know you were taking banned substances.  

You didn't know the speed limit was 35.

You didn't know you were accountable for your own practice.

You can point fingers. Blame it on the world around you.

The trail is slick. The ocean is flat. The ref is bias.  

That seldom solves the problem.

You can point fingers at yourself.

You're not good enough.  

You're too old, too young, too tired.

Another option?

Get straight. 


Tell the truth, know your truth, PLAY your truth.

In sanskrit, Satya is truth.  

It doesn't have be some high-minded big-winded truth.  

It could be a whisper.  

Find yours.  

The stars will line right on up.