This is Lindsey Van.



She's a champion Ski Jumper for the American team.   

Don't try to tell her what she can or cannot do.

If it were't for Van suing the International Olympic Committee in 2008, insisting that they allow women to Ski Jump, she, along with other women, wouldn't be jumping today in Sochi.

For the first time in history, Olympian women will be leaning into the wind at 60 mph to be launched through the air across more than two football fields. For the last ninety years, Ski Jumping has been a forbidden sport for women in the Olympics.

Ninety years is a long time…

It takes a lot of patience to get where you want to be - to strive for even a chance to compete. It wasn't until 1972 that women were allowed to run in the Boston Marathon.  The women's marathon debuted in the Summer Olympics Games in 1984.

It only took a couple of thousand years for women to be allowed to practice yoga.  For centuries, in India, only men could partake in the ancient discipline.

Here's to the trailblazers -- those from long ago, and those who are flying now, in Sochi, today.