Too much of one thing can wear a good body down.  

Our bodies crave balance - just like our thirst for water.  

We need both to sustain.   



Long distance runners know this.  

Pitchers know it all too well.  

We're either right handed or left, left footed or right.  

The side we use more will obviously wear down sooner.

Try this. Try crossing your arms in front of your chest.

Now cross them with the other arm in front.

Next time you are standing and waiting in line - notice, which hip are you leaning on?

Look at the soles of your summer slides, where they are worn will tell you about your gait and how you distribute your weight.

So, you say you're not an Olympian, who cares, about these minor details, right?

Most of us would like to play as long as we  can.  

Knowing our physical habits can allow us to adjust and re-balance.

More balance?  

More play!