Side Plank

So, let's talk about side plank.  

It's an arm balance - balancing on one hand and the outer edge of the foot.

If you're going to stack your feet, 

make sure you roll your top hip forward so it stacks right above the bottom hip.  

This will engage your core.  

And now think about your bottom shoulder. Draw that bottom shoulder blade down away from your ear.  

Anchor there, then extend the top arm over your head and lift your hips even higher.  

Make sure you breathe.

These are the base, physical details of the pose.

In sanskrit, the pose is called Vashistasana.  

Vashista was a sage.  

A priest to some. To others, a spiritual warrior.  

He wasn't a side plank.  

In yoga-asana, the focus on the body can be distracting.

At times, even deceptive.

Try to stay in the pose while you draw your attention to the rhythm of your breath,

your prana,

gliding in and gliding out,

as you pause, peaceful, as a sage.