Draft Day

Today's the start of the NFL Draft.

It runs for three days - clockwork tight.

Each team has ten minutes to draft a player from the college ranks.  

While the team is considering which guy to choose, the team is "on the clock."   

 The Draft is sort of like the stock exchange only here the commodities are humans.

If you're predicted to go "high" or early in the draft, you have a strong stock.

But if no one chooses you, as time passes on, your stock "drops."    

I once spent an afternoon talking about the Draft with former USC Quarterback Matt Leinart,

a Heisman trophy winner, 

who had led the Trojans to two consecutive victorious National Championships.

Matt and I sat on his couch, while he hugged a body pillow,

talking about how nerve-wracking Draft Day was for him.

Matt was expected to be chosen as early as first over-all pick in the draft. But he wasn't. Time

kept ticking away, team after team passed on him, and his 'stock' continued to drop.  Matt was

eventually chosen but I sometimes wonder if that day didn't destroy his self-confidence - so

that he wasn't able to perform to his potential in the coming years in the league.

Watching the clock.  

Watching your stock rise and fall.  

If this describes your daily drama, maybe consider shifting your perspective a bit.

Allow your daily practice of LIFE to lift you.

The clock is ticking.