Win or Lose

Win ugly


lose beautifully...

Competition can bring out the best and sometimes the worst in us.

In some ways, competing can reveal the SOUL in us.  

photo by liz walsh

photo by liz walsh

Yoga is not competitive.

But yoga can feel competitive,

where the desire to 'achieve' a pose triumphs

the grace

in which one enters and exits the pose.

We've all heard the sighs, and the grunts, and the groans that ring loud just to 'master' a pose.

A pose is a seat.

It just a place.

Not a culmination.

It reflects a physical shape.

Not the shape of the soul.

The soul is the breath,

the wind 

that courses through you.

Choose to practice yoga in a way that is in harmony with your breath

and you will 'win' beautifully...