Being Present

Ever talk to an athlete, or to a coach, or even to your own self about a game once played? Ever notice how you can remember every single detail of a particular play -- the time on the clock, the score, the intangible odds against you? These are the moments that make memories that last beyond a lifetime -- yes, beyond, because we end up sharing these moments with friends and with our family and soon the story takes on a life that will endure long after our last breath.

These are the big moments. The DRAMA moments. But how can we be present for the smaller moments? The moments in the day that may seem routine? Moments that needn't become epic story lines?  

Like shells on the beach, each moment is intimately unique, requiring our undiluted attention. Whether alone, or with a stranger, or with someone close -- each moment can thrive with attentiveness.

Practice being present. Practice being right here now. For you. And for the world around you.