to flow

Last night. a yoga student asked me if the writing just "flowed" out of me onto the page.

Yes and no.

Does a yoga pose just "flow" out of a body?

This notion of liquid flow requires a bit of preparation. It requires a bit of focus and discipline and then, yes, finally, a letting go.  

As I work on another book, I am made all the more aware of the need of a daily yoga practice that allows me to sit, and focus, and allow the ever-elusive slow-turning "flow" to release.  

This photo is a draft of a draft of a draft of a draft of just one chapter. That's not a typo. It's a continual daily process. An unearthing. A disrobing. A returning to the task, to the pose.  A stepping out of the way to allow the pose to flow, allowing the thoughts and the heart to unwind and be set free...