So, I've been told more than once that I talk too much. It's been going on since I was a kid. It's one reason I became a writer - to steady and filter what stirs in my mind  -- and distill it onto a page instead.  

The talking too much -- and being told this -- is never a good feeling.  Once I'm made aware of it, I want to disappear, dissolve, decrease. 

This often comes up when I have missed my daily yoga practice.  It's that simple.  That predictable. When I don't practice, that's when the spinning starts and when someone close to me has to tell me to bring it down -- look at yourself.  

In yoga, looking at the self is called svādhyāya.  There are many ways to study self -- through the asana, the physical body; through meditation, the mind; through the breath, the subtle body, prana.  

For athletes, self-study comes through in the way we handle handle losing. A wipe-out. Coming in last. Cut from the team.  

How do you deal when faced with yourself?   

Enough said.