A teacher once told me that every spiritual journey is a process of waking up. She said the practice of yoga was exactly this - the act of waking up.  

"It takes courage," she said, "to wake up."  

This was after a three-hour workshop where we practiced maybe seven poses, total.  

Waking up can seem slow and sometimes it can even make you feel stuck. It can make you feel groggy. It can make you sweat. But it will not break you. That was what first brought to the practice. The feeling of something askew. Something maybe imbalanced. Something maybe even broken.

It's much easier to walk through life asleep. Numbed. With one eye half open.

But once you catch a glimpse of being awake, you will never turn back. You will keep returning to the practice. And then the real practice begins.  

Because once you're awake, you can't turn back.